Can't view wireless networks with Windows XP

Hello, I've looked at many options but still can't find the answer to repairing this problem. When I look at Network Connections I can't find the wireless network tab. I've tried going onto control panel and then to 'wireless network wizard' but this doesnt work either. I've also looked at services>Wireless zero configuration and this all seems fine. Not sure if this has anything to do with it but when connected to the computer through the cable when on Local Area Connection Properties>Client for Microsoft Networks>Install>Client it then says 'Windows was unable to find any drivers for this device'.. Hope you can help.
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  1. Have you looked in Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager to see if you have a wireless adapter shown as present and whether it's yellow flagged as not installed properly.
  2. nope theres no wireless adapter in mine but it has a wifi certified sticker please help
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