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In XP Pro, I can arrange the desktop icons by "type" and by "name". Question: I have several "types" of icons on the desktop, so when I arrange them by type, great. However . . within the type, they aren't alphabetical and I was wondering if within the type [say video downloads from youtube], how could I ALSO arrange them alphabetically so I don't have to spend time looking for a specific name. Knowing the name, just look for it within the type [group] rather then "hunting" for it.
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    You cannot choose more than one option for icon arrangement. If none of the icon arrangement options meet your needs, disable "auto arrange" altogether and arrange them on your desktop manually.
  2. Thanks Phil,
    Somehow, I thought that would be my choice. To "waste" the time arranging them manually, well we all know I would have other better spent m time doing something useful. A BOG LOL!! But thanks for letting me know I don't have to search for for another answer.

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