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I'm having trouble when copying large numbers of small files from my Laptop to either USB Drives (USB 2) or iOmega network storage device .

The actual data transfer rate is ok. I can copy very large files (1GB+) and I get the speeds that I would expect.

The problem is in copying large numbers of small files. I have 40,000+ files and I've separated them into sub-directories as much as possible but whenever a directory has more than 3,000-4,000 files, the transfer slows down to a crawl. It takes hours to complete the copy.

If I copy the directory structure to another location on my HDD, the operation is fast.

I've tried using Robocopy, xcopy etc but the result is always the same.

If I zip the directory structure into an archive and copy that file the speed is fine, but I don't really want to do this as the zipping operation chews my resources.

I'm running XP SP3 with updates switched on.

It feels like the act of updating directory entries on remote devices is the bottleneck, but that's just a guess.

Can anyone offer any advice on this please?
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  1. Depending on how well defragmented your drive is, large continuous files will transfer faster than many small files that are scattered about on your hard drive.

    Have you tried teracopy?
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