Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Help

I just bought the Cooler Master HAF 932 and I've installed all the hardware, I just don't know which wires go to what place

I have the Asus P5Q-E MOBO. Please help, I've been at this for 3 hours now.
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  1. Your motherboard manual (Chapter 2) should have an illustration of the Front Panel Connector pins showing the function and polarity, that you will have to match to the case's front panel connectors - pay attention to the polarity +/- of the connectors.
  2. I lost my manual so I have to rely on one from the Internet, it's not hery helpful. I do appreciate your input though.
  3. I have this case. The colored wires for the front header are positive. The white wires are negative. It is this way in every case I've seen.
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