How much power

i am making a new computer comprised of

CPU=AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz

MoBo=ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3


Video Card=1x XFX Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) XXX Edition


hard drive= Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 10000rpm

Also i would like to know if the 5870 could run a 1600x1200 res smoothly with high AA and filtering, in games like crysis and battlefield bc2.

also if anyone could give me any suggestions or anything of the sort for my build to make it better i would be gratefull.

Just as an FYI if you could not tell by now im a gamer and i want to be able to play max settings in all games so thanks :-)
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  1. 5870 will do quite well at 1600x1200.

    I would suggest swapping the dominators for a more reasonably priced RAM kit, you wont get much performance difference between them and a cheaper kit rated for cas 7 @ 1600MHz.

    I would also swap the HDD for a samsung F3 1TB, it will be faster, large, and significantly cheaper. The F3's higher platter density compensates for the Raptors higher rotation speed.

    If you want to crossfire in the future something a good 750W unit would do well. I suggest the Corsair 750TX, Antec TP-750, or XFX 750W unit, any of those three would have plenty of power if you want to do crossfire, if you only plan to run a single 5870 a Corsair 550VX, Antec TP-550, or Seasonic S12II 520W would be fine.
  2. I agree with hunter.
  3. +3 wrt RAM, HDD & PSU suggested by hunter.

    A 5870 is overkill for 1600 X 1200. Maybe in a couple of years, it will show it's age at that resolution, but for now 1900X1200 is the way to go for a 5870. You could comfortably max out all games (except Metro 2033, but that's just poorly coded), textures, shaders, AA, AF & all ...
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