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I want your opinion in something. I had an idea of having an windows 7 installation modded for games and boot
in this installation only for playing games and have my other current installation for my everyday use. So i want to
buy an extra hard drive and the question is this. Is there a difference between WD black and blue with the green?
I mean a 2 tera black caviar costs the double of a 2 tera green. If i buy the green and use 250 giga for the gaming
and the rest as another partition to store data is there a possibility to have performance problems with the games?

The simple question is: are the differences between black and green so important that are so obvious that i can't
play a game properly or the differences are important only to someone that will do a very heavy use of the drive?

Also if you have a suggested release of windows 7 modded for games it is welcome. And i want to say that i have
windows 7 authentic. I just dont know how to mode it myself and that is why i want to find something on the net.

Thank you all for your time.
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  1. Green is a lower performance drive that is meant to save energy, so it spins down quite often. It's more for general storage and backups. Black is their performance drive and has a 5 year warranty. Blue falls about in the middle and has a 3 year warranty.
  2. Basically the differences between the different colors of the WD hard drives is as follows:

    Green: Low power consumption, cool, quiet
    Blue: Balanced performance, everyday computing
    Black: Higher power consumption, higher performance

    That being said, you will not notice much difference between them as far as performance is concerned unless you are doing massive data transfers and random IOPS.

    Now why exactly are you set on WD? From what I have seen and the recent reviews I have read, the Seagate Barracuda performs better than any of the WD products.

    Also, instead of partitioning your HDD, would you be open to using a SSD? You will see a much larger performance increase with an SSD over a HDD. Even just a 60 or 90 GB SSD used only to install Windows and a game or two you will see much better performance than any HDD you use.

    Better yet, if you are looking at 2 TB drives, get a 1 TB HDD and a 120 GB SSD, use the HDD for storage and process data that is on the SSD. In my opinion this is the best option.
  3. I dont want to give a lot of money. I need extra space for sure so just an ssd is not an option. But you mentioned the thing that i know "unless you are doing massive data transfers and random IOPS." so i think that i will be fine with the green one. I just wanted a second opinion. Also for the Seagate lets just say that i had bad experience with seagate and i am now a WD fan. lol

    Thanks for the answer.
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