Just got may new HD5850 and i would like to know will it handle 2x19" screen on eyeEffin

for -
games like
Dirt 2

multi apps
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  1. Multi apps sure, but high resolutions tend to have a big impact on cards.

    Just don't expect any anti-aliasing.
  2. It should work pretty well at 2 lower res displays. However, gaming on 2 displays is usually a pain because the center is between 2 monitors and the bezel screws it up. FPS are impossible especially with bezel correction, your crosshair is gone and you can't aim at anything because it is behind the bezel. If you are going to go eyefinity for gaming you should really go with 3.
  3. how about a 32" lcd
  4. Size doesn't matter, resolution does.
  5. shadow187 said:
    Size doesn't matter, resolution does.

  6. shadow187 said:
    Size doesn't matter, resolution does.

    Tell that to my girlfriend! LOL

    They're right, you could play a game on a 56-inch TV with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and it will be smooth, but it will look like hell...
  7. Yep. If you played on a 40'' LCD TV with a res of 640x480, you would be able to see pixels. Circles wouldn't be smooth, etc.
  8. ok would it be good if i play on 1680x1050 in a 32" moniter
  9. If you want a good looking picture on a LCD you set for its native resolution.
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