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Hey as the title says, im looking to get the Antec 300 illusion version in canada. The only problem is i can only find it on for 69.99 then add shipping and taxes which add up to 100$. On i found the Antec 300 for 53$ which i could pick up myself. Does anyone have any idea why the illusion is not sold in canada.

I want the illusion because on newegg it is the same price as the 300 but has more fans.

I only want this case because i have a sonata 3 right now which does not have enough airflow for my build and i cannot add another fan since my 5850 takes up that space. I may just end up cutting a hole in my case and add a nother fan by the graphics card.
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  1. Stay with the Illusion if you want Tricool fans, because adding 2 Antec Tricool fans, can add up to more than $79.99.

    If you already have decent 120mm case fans, then getting the standard 300 should be fine.
  2. I just have a single 120mm tri cool fan which is in my sonota 3 case already. I am just looking to sell it, most likely with the fan and get a new case. The 300 is in the right price range as i believe i can sell my sonata for a similar price as the 300. I just really want to find an illusion that is not 100$ with shipping and taxes.
  3. buy the regular antec 300 and two blue LED 120mm fans, instant illusion
  4. well i was hoping to not have to do that as that would mean my price would increase. The fans i looked at were coolermaster 120mm $9 ones. Buying two of those means my prices would be very identical to new eggs price. I was hoping to find a 300 illusion around 55$ beause they would have two more fans than the regular 300. I found a 300 for $53 that is a canadian price and it rocks! just i wish they'd get some illusions.
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    Davcon is right, the Illusion is only available on Newegg.

    The difference between the 300 and the Illusion lies in the fans. The Illusion comes with two additional 120mm TriCool blue LED front fans and an upgraded TwoCool 140mm blue LED top fan.

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  7. thanks for the replies guys.
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