Best RAM for an Asus Maximus IV Extreme

My current PC has died so I am looking to build a new rig.

Currently looking at the Asus Maximus IV Extreme with an i7 2600k Intel processor probably with a Coolermaster V8 fan.

At the moment I'm looking at the Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz CL9 1.5V Non-ECC Unbuffered (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9) RAM but wasn't sure if this was the best to go for.

I can't see a list of supported RAM on the Asus site.

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  1. It is not a bad choice in ram.
  2. The QVL is in the manual :)
  3. Did you get this memory in the end?

    Is it compatible?

    I have the same setup, but im having problems with this memory and my pc isn't booting when i switch it to 1600MHZ in the Bios.
  4. I am running 4x2gb sticks @ 2133mhz and had trouble with it booting then changed timming on it now it boots ok but still carnt overclock with it so will need new memory but a least its stable for moment
  5. I have the i7 2600k, asus maximus IV extreme, with the corsair 16gb mem kit (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B) I bought it and i'm having some blue screen problems... i don't know what to do... i'm looking on the internet to see how i can solve those problems and i'm doing everything for not touching the timing settings cuz i don't know how it works...
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