Heating above laptop hard disk

i am using an asus k53sm series laptop. within the first 15 days i got a major hardware issue and service people figured it out that the problem was with my hard disk and changed it. it den worked fine for 5 days. but now it started repeating the same symptoms it had earlier. ie. its getting heated in the portion above hard disk and a very slow file transfer speed.
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  1. If it's under warranty, demand that it's either fixed or replaced. There is no reason for a new laptop to have problems. Sure, some stuff might slip past quality control, but if the part was replaced and it's acting the same way, I'd want a new replacement laptop.
  2. i'am asking for that ma friend. but the service claims that they can replace the laptop only if complaint occurs within the first 7 days. :(

    in my case they are saying that only the damaged part will b replaced. dont knw wat to do now. already changed the hard disk within 20 days. now its the 6th day after i got it back serviced. the same heating symptom happening again.
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