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So, I recently built a system and I loved the experience. I have a question though. I added a little bit of bling (a couple of cold cathodes and thinking of adding a led). They are off most of the time. I have the Silverstone Fortress. So it is obviously hard to get to a switch in the pci slots in that case. On youtube I saw someone who had a switch for his cathodes in one of the optical bays. So i was wondering, anyone know of any commercially available light switches that go into optical bay?


P.S. I saw a couple of guides on how to build your own but I think that might be just a bit out of me experience so far as well as a lack of some tools.
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  1. If you cannot find a retail solution, you can remove the the switch from the controller's metal attachment, tape the metal plate it to an empty 5.5" bay cover (using it as your template), then drill screw holes for the retaining screws through the cover, and drill out the hole for the actual switch. Then push the controller switch through the center hole and attach with the orignal screws. I just did that on my CM690 this past Saturday.
    All you need is a drill bit the same size as the screws and a small phillips head scewdriver, yes you can drill the holes by hand, if you don't have a hand or power drill .
  2. Yea I was thinking about it but are there no better looking commercial solutions? Because in that case I would have to paint it as well since my case is black and the pci slot with the switch is silver.

    P.S. Even better would be a brick and mortar store in NYC!
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