Well I just sold my last build so time for another.

Which case? I used the sniper on my last build and loved it but haveing trouble deciding on this next build.


or the


have never messed with the haf 932, I love the fan control on the sniper and all black interior, but love the looks of the haf 932 but no black inside interior. Which has better air flow? ect. ect.

I have about $1350 to spend on this next build vs the 900 on last build. Figured i should start with the Case first though.
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice fill out the sticky.

    Ussualy one starts a build with a cpu lol not with a case since thats really not that important.

    And the first question to ask yourself is do you want mid tower or full tower?
  2. yea but i already know most of the parts im gettin I will be gettin the phenom II x4 955 be. I got it for last build i did and was not dissapointed.
  3. My vote goes for the Sniper. If your last build had a Sniper and you are re-purchasing the same CPU, why did you sell it?
  4. the last system got some good deals on sale ect. cost me 900 to build sold for 1400. this was just week or so maybe little more ago and just sold today. so now gonna build something tad better, maybe with a 5870 instead of the 5770 gpu
  5. in that budget you can go i7
  6. Ok let me rephrase all of this, If someone can help me what would be the best build for $1350 Including monitor and OS, I would like the cooler master sniper or Haf 932, I do have a monitor now but its old dell 19inch widescreen max resolution is 1440 by 900, so a monitor upgrade would be good. but lets see what you guys can put together on this
  7. Somebody_007 said:
    in that budget you can go i7
    I personally wouldn't go i7 unless you want to go really high end with tons of RAM or the 6 cores CPU. A while back I would have recommended the i7 for the upgradeability, but now that Intel announced their new sockets, it's close to a dead-end already ... even glad I kept my LGA775 system long enough to see that coming.
  8. We would be glad to help you, but first you'll need to fill out the Build Advice form in my signature.
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