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Is this temp safe ? Phenom 965

So I just got myself a Phenom 965 C3 as I wanted to max out my board... M3A78-EM with 2x2Gigs ram + GTX260.

I have an Artic Cooler 7, put in new Zalman Thermal paste and I am using an Antec Sonata 3 case with the 12mm fan at the back

To start I am disapointed in the no voltage change OC... I was hoping to hit 3.8 without touching stock volts. (Prime crashed within the first minute)

3.6Ghz stable.

Long story short... Full lode with Prime I hit 67Degrees. Idle is at 38Degrees with voltage down, and 800Mhz clock.

Even in games I go up to max 67. Is that safe for long term or should I cut down gaming in the summer.

The room temp is unfortunately for me 30 degrees Humid and using the computer can make it go up.

What do you guys think ?
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    Did you benchmark Prime 95 at stock?
    The lower than desired no-volt change overclock might just mean your X4 965 was close to being binned as a 955. Not all chips in the same batch will perform equally.

    30C ambient temps starting out is going to have some effect. Prime 95 and 67C is not too bad for a max effort on a hot day.
    Usually you're thinking 22-23C for ambient temps. If you get something like 62C on a cooler day it's probably safe for long term too. I've seen the X4 965 max temps listed as 62C or 65C

  2. 140w X4 965 max temp shown here @ 65C
    125w X4 965 (C3 stepping) max temp shown here @ 62C
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