K7s5a mothrboard wont boot

hello guys. im a new here... hope i can find help here.. heres my problem i cannot boot my pc into any devices(hdd,usb,floppy,cdrom) after a POST screeen is done it shows a black blank screen and my keyboard hangs.. pls help me..
heres my system
k7s5a motherboard
1gb ddr samsung ram
128 mb nvidia AGP card
30 gb quantum hdd
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  1. We need more information to even begin to help.

    Have you build it yourself?
    Has the system worked before?
    If the system has run before, had you made and software or hardware changes prior to the error?
    Have you tried resetting your bios via the cmos jumper on your motherboard?

  2. thnks 4 the reply. yeah i build it my self and it works fine b4. it just started when i try to add a 2nd hdd seagate 400gb. my bios wnt dtect it ( i try all d options posible bout jumpers nd bios seting) and whola hes nt booting anymore. I also do re instal xp in other pc but wen i put it in my mobo still no boot.
  3. Is the new hard drive SATA and the old hard drive IDE?
  4. acer0169 said:
    Is the new hard drive SATA and the old hard drive IDE?

    no are both IDE drive one is 30gb quantum fireball AND THE ONE IS SEAGATE 400gb.. I cant boot on either even in my original HDD 30gb..:(
  5. Reset your BIOS to factory default settings and restart, does your computer boot then? If it doesn't boot.. what exactly does it do? Does it just show a black screen after the bios or what? Have you tried safemode etc?
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