Faulty mobo/ram/cpu?

howsit forumites :cry:

got myself 2gb ddr3 kingmax 1333 ram but only one stick. I get home and play cod4 as a test, works fine for 6 hours, try COH and BC2, and cod bo, they all bomb out in less than half an hour or an hour. So , i run latest memtest86 , 140 errors in 44 minutes :ouch:

i have a phII x2 555be cpu , temps on it range 40-50 degrees celcius.
mobo i have is a MSI 740gm p25 , ram is supported but i dont know the timings , ive tried auto , and ive tried 9-9-9-24 . thinking it could be the cause of win32k.sys BSOD and dxgkrnl.sys BSOD as well . fixes have been applied accordingly.

another thing , when running prime95, i did a torture test on the cpu (small FFT's , max fpu test ) and then the pc restarted after a few minutes .
(this i think is due to heating issues will check when i get home as the cpu is a year old)

tried a blend test on prim95 and ended up with the test ending with 1 error? no bsod or freeze WTH ? :??:

i have tried latest bios , latest ati drivers , latest directx . if memtest86 gives me those errors does it really mean its the memory thats bad or could it be the mobo ?

i tell you , tomorrow is D-Day 2011 for the supplier of the ram
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  1. When you post next time, write down the msi bios file number at the top of the screen. Then go to msi's website and see if your board has a newer bios file available. To use msi's live update software, you have to first disable any "boot block" or bios protection settings in the bios, which will allow you to update your bios. Then disable any windows or virus firewalls. Check for those in the windows control panel or your virus software. Windows defender can be disabled easily. Then download the latest msi live update software off their website. Install and reboot. Then you'll be ready to let it search and update all your motherboard device drivers and bios file at once. If the bios file loads, a small black window will appear while it's loading. The first step it does is erase the old bios file, then load the new one, then check it for errors. You must be patient and wait for it to finish. Then you can either reboot or it will do it for you. If it is interupted during this process by a board reboot or power supply reboot, then you could end up with a dead board. I suggest you let your system cool down for awhile in case something is overheating. Do this after you install the software.
  2. i have defender + windows firewall disabled by default as it belongs in the bin ! i have spybot S&D as that has always worked if needed , also , i have tried the latest bios aswell from the MSI site but not Live update. i will check when i get home , i think the cpu might need a new dose of coolant and a cleanup but when i checked two days ago it wasnt that bad at all.

    thanks for the reply !
  3. i did a bios update to the latest firmware successfully via M-flash , using the usb drive in the bios
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