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Newbie Help for Power Supply and Motherboard connection


This is my first time building a computer. I have the following system components'

1. Gigabyte X58A-UD5
2. Intel i7 920
3. Antec 900 2 Case
4. Power Supply 650W
5. Corsair SSD 60 GB Vertex 2
6. Hitachi 1 TB HDD 32 MB cache 7200 rpm
7. G skill Ripjaws 6GB (2x3)
8. Corsair H50 CPU cooler
9. Geforce 9500 GT PCI Express 1 GB

I have some questions which should be very easy for anyone to answer who has ever built a computer.

1. On the motherboard there are two ports for connecting power, ATX and ATX_12_2X. Do I connect both of them to the Power Supply or just the ATX?? ATX_12_2X has 8 pins.

2. Antec case has about 4 fans which I plan to connect directly to the power supply as they already have a speed regulator with them. On my previous system, the fans had 4 pins which could go in the 4 pin molex connector from the power supply.

However, with these fans they pop in the molex connector but on their other sides, there are 4 empty sockets.......I wanted to attach a picture but for some reason, I cannot attach a picture from my local hard drive but can only give a Http link to that picture.....I wonder why is that.

Are the 4 empty sockets on the other side of the connector to power another device like a two way molex or what??

3. There are a lot of cables from the power supply coming out which are labelled PCI 16X, PCI 8X but there is no socket on the motherboard nor the manual where these cables can fit. What is the purpose of these cables.
This motherboard powers all the PCI slots from the main circuit.

4. The motherboard is Revision 1.0. Should I update the BIOS or just leave it as it is.

Thanks a lot,
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    First off, what 650w PSU did you choose? You want to connect both ATX power connections. If I am understanding you correctly you are correct about the fan connectors. Use photobucket or imageshack and upload a pic there. Then you can show it here. Check the bios updates and what they are for before you decide to update.

  2. This is the picture of the PSU molex connected to the fan.

    I bought the power supply as a combo deal with the Antec case. Here is a link for the page @ newgg.

    I dont know what company made this Power Supply.

  3. Yea that connector for the fan is so you can link it up with another fan or in a drive that uses the 4 pin connection. PSU should be an antec model and will at least be better than most bundled PSU's. If take it out of the case, the label for it should be on the other side.
  4. So what about the ATX and ATX_12V connection.

    Should I connect ATX only or both.
  5. You need the 24 pin main power connector and the 4 or 8 pin CPU power connector. Use all 8 pins if you have a choice.

    The system will not work (no CPU power) without the 4/8 pin cable.
  6. Thanks a lot, that really helps.
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  8. Turned my baby on for the first time and no problems.

    CPU temp is about 50-51 idle. I was expecting less with a H50 Corsair Cooler but I guess I will give it sometime.

    Memory sticks are being read as 1033 instead of 1666. I guess I need to tweak that a little bit too.

    Now just waiting for my SSD so I can install Windows 7.

    Thanks a lot guys.
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