Razer or logitech?

im looking to get a gaming mouse to go with my G15 keyboard and i was debating either getting

Razer deathadder

logitech G500

logitech MX518

Razer Razer Abyssus
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  1. i tried the deathadder and MX518, did not like either one. I found them both uncomfortable.

    I use the wolf king MVP, no clue if the company is still around
  2. i looked that mouse up and theres no retaliers of it in canada :/
  3. i think they went under, its a very nice mouse though.
  4. ah well their website is still up
  5. Well, I have the Logitech G9 which, when I first got, only lasted three days. I contacted Logitech and they sent me a replacement right away (didn't even have to give them a seriel number of Proof of Purchase or anything). I have been using the new one since that day.

    My brother has the Razer Deathadder which is also really nice and everything too. The only thing kinda bad about it is the wire which is super thin and not very protected (the G9 has a sorta braided-sleeve thingy).

    I would reccommend either one.
  6. the G9 & G9x are very nice
  7. k but also 80$ D: (im 15 soo um yea) and what about the MX518 ?
  8. Sorry guys. Go to any LAN party, you will notice many using Razer Deathadders, if not most. The Deathadder has been the gaming mouse staple for the right balance of weight, comfort, sensitivity, and accuracy for awhile now.

    Another one to look into is the RAT 5. I have heard great things from fellow gamers, but I've yet to try it myself. I've heard it compared favorably to the Deathadder even.

    For perspective, I don't know anyone who is using, has used without switching out for another, or really liked the G9 for long.

    The MX518 is extremely popular for a budget (It can be had for under $30 shipped with some looking), and I can attest to it being a good mouse, but no deathadder.
  9. The best gaming mouse trial has to be between the logitech MX518 and the razer deathadder.. Having used both, i personally feel the 518 to be more comfortable and sleek to look at.. The on the fly DPI adjustment feature, which is absent in the deathadder, is a very good and helpful feature to have.. Comes down to personal choice at last.. Personal recommendation, get the 518.. At that price, there is nothing beating it..
  10. yea yo but i already got an logitehc LX8 so is it that much of an improvemnt (an its not a gaming mouse)
  11. Razer Imperator is a good one. Or Lachesis.

    From Logitech G9x.
  12. pretty much preference.. i'm a logitech kinda guy.. had a lower end razer before but a mx518 just killed it.. no comparison..

    went from mx518, gave that to my mom so i can get a g5.. the g5 started losing it's paint job (after 3 yrs) but was in SUPERB working condition.. i gave that to my gf.. now im on the g9..

    however, i'd trade my g9 for a g5 or g500 (since it's based off the g5/mx design) anyday.. much more comfortable.. the mx518 was too light for me.. i max out the weights on my g9..

    but g5 was much more comfortable than the g9 even thought the g9 is supposed to be higher end with the nicer wheel and changeable grip.
  13. I use a DeathAdder and a MX-518 and i like them both.
    No complaints here either one is very good.
    The MX-518 is crazy cheap right now and a great mouse.
  14. I've used deathadder for about 1 year and the right click failed after that. If you are an extreme gamer i suggest not buying a deathadder as the buttons will slowly and eventually fail.
    Recommend Logitech G9 or Alienware tactx
  15. Savag3Vim said:
    I've used deathadder for about 1 year and the right click failed after that. If you are an extreme gamer i suggest not buying a deathadder as the buttons will slowly and eventually fail.
    Recommend Logitech G9 or Alienware tactx

    I've had my Diamondback for 6 years now (Gave to my cousin), and my first Deathadder for 3 years (Use with my notebook). My new Deathadder V2's buttons and casing are the same as my first, so I expect plenty of longevity.
  16. Razer definitely
  17. I like both Logi and Razer mice, but would actually recommend a SteelSeries mouse if you are looking for a top of the line mouse. Personally, I would recommend either the XAI or IKARI laser model. I have used both along with Logi and Razer mice, and have to say that I have been blown away by the SteelSeries mice. I am not surpised that they haven't been offered as an option, as the brand is more well known in the true professional gaming community and less mainstream, but their products are definitely best of class and deserve a look.
  18. yea i looked at those they look pretty good (but do they feel better/more comfotable than a razer ot logitech) and what about the steel series kinzu?
  19. i use the logitech g500 was a replacement for the g9 and its really nice buttons well placed fits hand well
  20. I got the Razer Lachesis, pretty damn good mouse. But then again, 125hz polling and 4000dpi is kinda overkill :-P but for comfort, pretty blue/white lights and extreme sensitivity, i recommend it.
  21. i prefer my G9x, but i tend to like heavy mice and it fits my hand good
  22. It also depends a bit on what kinda grip you like, if you prefer claw grip, the deathadder is a much better choice, for palm or finger, either is fine, but i prefer the mx518 or g5, dont really like the button placement on the g500.

    I've owned the 518, g5 and deathadder. The wheel on the deathadder is far superior to the logitech ones, but you also give up side scrolling, which may or may not be a big deal.

    I prefer the g5 i think, since the deathadder soft touch material starts to peel after a while like the 518. The hard plastic materials of the g5 seem to be a bit heartier and its still going after about 4 years with no issue.

    Of course theyre all great, just need to go feel them and see what you prefer
  23. yeaa well i palm grip mouses :P
  24. Mice*
  25. shh
  26. If you have large hands then Razer Lachesis and Imperator is the best. Although i think they are both not upto the mark for the claw grip. I have a palm grip so i can say that they are both very comfertable.

    Also the features are impressive, 5600dpi, 1000Hz polling, Synapse and the works. Imperator is one of the top line mice from Razer and the quality that Razer provides is unquestionable. I bought the Imperator from the UK for something around 55 or 60 pounds.
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