BSOD on startup (need likely cause)

i want to try and find out what the likely cause is.

last night my pc worked fine, and i shut it off at a normal way.

today i try to boot my pc, and i get the BSOD.

when i try to run in :
Safe mode -> BSOD
command prompt only -> BSOD
VGA mode -> BSOD
Last know working config -> BSOD

i opened my pc to see if any hardware was hanging loose, wich was not the case.
(i don't know that much about hardware though) but i am sure everything was in place.

i get the BSOD at the exact same time every startup.

it goes to the windows loading screen, with the loading bar underneath the logo.
and when the loading bar reaches the end it crashes to the BSOD. (WINDOWS XP)


it will most likely not be the videocard, since that is only a week old. (i got it on loan, since my old card got fried or whatever, and this pc company installed this new loan videocard)

anyone have any idea what this can be?
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