USB keyboard wont let comp go past bios help.

Hello, Forum i am having an annoying problem with my computer every time i turn on my comp with the usb keyboard plugged in it keep looping the bios screen but as soon as i unplug the keyboard it automatically goes straight into windows it still works with a ps2 keyboard plugged in as well its just when the usb one gets plugged in.

Components are

Mobo ex58 ud5p
Cpu i7 920
keyboard is logitech g19

Thanks in advance forum Michael.
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  1. Use the PS2 keyboard, check in bios to make sure that USB keyboard support is enabled.
  2. Yep it is enabled

    its the worst problem i have ever had i have to unplug the usb just to get into windows but its only the keyboard.

    and my bios reads 2.80ghz instead of 2.66 even know all the settings are stock

    its like my bios is just screwed
  3. I would look the bios over good, there will be a few options for usb in there, change em and see what works.
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