Should i reformat or not


I am replacing my motherboard and was wondering do i need to reinstall windows xp?

Should i reformat my hard drive?

Should i reformat it before or after i swap the motherboard?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It really does not matter when you reformat the drive.
  2. It will only help as long as you have a way to back up your data. In doing so you'll be able to update/replace the drivers needed for that motherboard. It will improve system performance a little since you'll get rid of the junk that accumulates on your PC over time. Just make sure you get all the drivers you need now as sometimes XP won't provide the NIC driver you need to beable to use internet leaving you helpless
  3. If you are replacing the motherboard with the same motherboard, there is no need to reformat as all the required drivers will be installed in your hard drive.

    If you are getting a new motherboard, I would just do a reformat of your hard drive during the Windows install process. No need to do anything until the install process.
  4. And of course backup anything important first.
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