How to format a new Seagate 1 TB ST31000528AS for mac

Does anyone know how to format a new Seagate 1 TB ST31000528AS for mac,mine is dying so purchased same model, It came formatted DOS so,
I used my portable Universal Drive Adapter, Went to Disk Utilty,Erased it to format Mac OS extended journal,and it failed..There is a partition that is holding on in dos..What can I do :(
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    you can delete all the partitions on the drive, and create 1 partition. Format it with the mac filesystem and you are good to go
  2. Thanks for responding,
    I tried deleting part ion and it gave me an error ,

    Called seagate and asked them, if this was pre owned since i paid for a new on one on Amazon, the serial number came up not purchased previously, But the fact that it had a partition, was suspect.

    I've never had a drive that even after erasing would hold on to partition, could it be the way I've connected it via Universal Drive connector?

    I tried delete partition and create new one it fails and still keep partition I deleted.

    Something shows up as FPI not being a pc user, i do not know, maybe some sorta corrupt file, Im gonna return this drive and pray mine hangs on till then..
    Thanks again
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  4. connect it externally and do fat32, works for both
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