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i have a toshiba l300d laptop when i power it up the only things working are ac/batt led lights the processor cooling fan but no hdd led lights up the dvd rom led lights up permanently and when i try to power it off by pushing the power on off button it does not respond and power stays on ...........................any ideas???????????????????????????????????/ :(
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  1. Remove the battery and plug the AC plug in. Power it on...
    [If this works, I'd imagine your battery is the issue]

    If that doesn't do anything, remove the AC plug, take the hard drive out, plug the AC back in, Power it on...
    [If this works, suspect your HDD]

    If you still don't have anything (blank screen), then I'd suggest trying an external monitor (you should have a VGA socket somewhere on your laptop)...
    [If this works, your laptop screen probably has a power supply issue - Loose wire maybe?]

    If you can't get any image on either screen, I would suspect the motherboard is at fault...
    [Probably best to buy a new laptop or taking it to a PC repair shop. Replacing a laptop motherboard isn't something you want to do personally]

    Hope this helps.
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