Info about heatsink and overclock with asus p8p67's TPU

Hi. I have just purchased an asus p8p67 mobo and I have a question about it's TPU technology. It should automatically slightly overclock the cpu when it's necessary, isn't it? My question is: according to the well known bad reputation of intel's heatsink, should I buy on my own a new heatsink before activating TPU? or, for such a little overclock, it's enough the intel's one?

Thank you very much for the attention :)
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  1. The bundled heatsink should be fine with turbo mode but if you are planning a further overclock with a K chip then an aftermarket cooler is recommended.
  2. Thank you. I have a core i5-2400 so I'm not going to manually overclock it... but I'm not sure you really understood my question: I didn't refer to the "normal" turbo mode proper of every core i5/i7, but I was wondering about the "turboV processor unit" (id est TPU) wich is an exclusive feature of new asus p8p67 motherboard series.

    Hi and thank you
  3. According to xbitlabs you should be ok with stock cooling.

    The TPU function IS normal overclocking, as it raises the multiplier and also BCLK very slightly.
  4. Thank you. Now I have just to wait to put my hands on my new pc... :hello:
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