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I need a new computer for a friend of mine. He is constantly finding ways to crash his operating system and I keep reinstalling it for him. I think its because his comptuer is getting pretty old (an inspiron 6000) or maybe he just is really bad with computers, either way, I want to get him a really basic computer to use. I was wondering if anyone had any basic computer builds or, if your going the cheap route, its cheaper to buy one from a store and, if so, does anyone have any suggestions.

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  1. If you are going to help your friend with a build, you will be stuck with in the tech support role forever - or until you move, whichever happens first.
  2. yeh ive been friends with him forever, he's an immigrant and not good with computers at all. He doesn't need it for games or anything just to use the internet basically im just tired of having to fix it when he crashes it and his laptops old and he needs a new computer anyway
  3. yeh around there he's paying for it but basically to keep cost low he just needs something that will work and something that would be easy to troubleshoot. No heavy graphics needed or anything just basic stuff.
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