ATI Radeon HD 5750 or HD 5770


I am looking to replace my aging Nvidia 9600GT 1GB. I play all of my at 1600x900 resolution.

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  1. The HD5770 is worth the price difference between those cards so HD5770
  2. Approx how much performance difference am I going to get?
  3. 2nd the 5770. It's a $20 difference for 10-15% more performance.
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    the 5750 is more then capable of giving you very good graphic performance at those settings but like the others have said, at $10-15 more the 5770 is the better value.
  5. I also vote for 5770.
    There is a narrow price gap.

    And 5770 will do very good at that resolution.
    Good Luck :)
  6. Thanks guys, should be getting the 5770 on Monday... Will it run on my 400W PSU. At least for 2-3 months till I can get a more powerful one
  7. If your 400watt has over 20amps on the +12volt rail it should do ok.
  8. Whats the amperage on 12V rail?
  9. The amperage is 31A.. I think
  10. themaster_13 said:
    The amperage is 31A.. I think

    31A on +12v Rail is quite decent.

    It will run the cards without any problems. :)
  11. Ok thanks. :)
  12. That is a nice one, however newegg doesn't ship to South Africa... :(
  13. You sure you can trust that brand that makes the card/website that sells it?
  14. Yeah, worked with them before
  15. themaster_13 said:

    Club 3D is fine. It actually looks like a powercolor card.
  16. Yes, it looks like they share the same cooler...
  17. I was hoping for one with the rear exhaust cooler, but they are very expensive here
  18. So you will buying the card with the best performance/$ ratio. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  19. The problem is stock in my country...
  20. The HD5770 is not a power hungry card and therefore runs pretty cool so it is not a big issue if the cooler does not exhaust out
  21. True.. Ill hopefully be getting it 2day
  22. That is a good card and should handle every thing well at your resolution. Enjoy!
  23. Will be arriving by this weekend! Im not planning on getting a bigger screen anytime soon so it will do fine
  24. Best answer selected by themaster_13.
  25. The 5750 will be meh at that res.

    My 4870 (Wich is faster than both the 5770 and the 5750) barly handles 1680x1050

    (25 frames On Crysis with Very High)
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