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What is the best computer case for under 100bucks Im planning on buying one but I'm lost there are so many I would like it to have a side window, a good amount of fans, and really good wire managment. It would also be a plus if it had the inside painted.

I was looking at the tempest evo, cm 692 advanced, and the antec 902 but I don't know if there are any better choises
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  1. Take a look at the NZXT M59 $80. Here is a review: NZXT M59 review
  2. I have a Raidmax Smilodon I got a zipzoomfly for like $80 shipped after rebates. Came with a 500watt power supply.. I didn't use it, but its nice to have backup spare parts lyin around.

    The case is great... came with ur normal fans, has built in adjustable hardware to help support your video card, both sides pull down (great to work on motherboard easily), also has screwless mounting and came with lots of extra hardware stuff in a box. Couldnt be happier for $80 bucks!
  3. I have a 902 and a CM 690II.
    The Antec has great airflow and is fairly quiet on low fan setting.
    The CM690II has better cable management but is a louder then the Antec.
    The CM HAF 922 is also a very good case.
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