Problem with new card!

My system:
Alienware P4 3.4GHZ 950 D 4MB L2 Cache S775 Processor
ASUS P5ND2-SLI Basic NForce4 Motherboard
3 MB DDR2 PC4200 Memory
ASUS AUDP5ND RealTek On-Board Audio Sound Card
650 Watt power supply
Windows 7 Home

I have currently installed two(2) XFX NVidia GeForce 7800 GT 256MB PCIE video cards. I recently bought one NVidia GTS 250 1024mb card. I have tried to install it twice and every time I do, I get constant freezes and lock ups. I disabled the SLI, unistalled drivers and re-installed but always the same result. Any ideas?
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  1. windows 7 will actually download the drivers for the card itself

    so you cleaned out the old drivers, installed the new card, booted up and the system freezes as it downloads new drivers?
  2. Actually, the last time I tried it I still had XP. But no, installed and loaded new drivers and on boot up usually froze after start up.
  3. try this on XP
    clean out the old drivers, install the card, the PC should boot up in a "safe" graphics mode, then install the new drivers and re-boot

    on Win 7
    the OS will search and install new drivers
  4. Ok, I have Win 7. I will try that and let you know. I did that on XP and had same result though.
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