Installing win7 on a 60GB SSD?? waste of money? Stupid idea?

Well bought a SSD and i wasnted to install windows 7 on it, but just the OS and then have all other programs (like chrome, photoshop, ect) installed on a HDD... BUT i have no idea if this is posible..

right now i have 1tb HDD 250GB HDD and 1 60GB SSD.. SO i'm not sure if its a smart idea to install windows 7 on the SSD given the fact that its not really that memory. Any advice? i mean i feel as though that SSD was a waste of money right about now if i install windows on the HDD. :heink:
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  1. Yes its very possible, it is a common setup. Search these forums or google for instructions on how to do this.

    Def not a waste of money, you will be in good shape once you get things setup properly.
  2. I just put a 60GB Agility 3 in a nice Samsung Series 3 for my wife, essentially making a $500 ultrabook. Installed the Win 7 recovery disk and all drivers and still have 35 or 40GB free.
  3. A 60GB SSD will works very well as C drive I've done it with a 30 GB SSD. It works but you need to be very careful with what gets loaded on it. I use a 120GB SSD now because the prices are $70 to $100 now.
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