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Core2quad9550 vs i7 930

I'm making my first build, my goal is to make an affordable gaming PC. i don't have a lot of money about 1,300$ to spend on the computer I've chosen a few things so far.

sapphire toxic radeon HD 5850 1GB
1TB samsung spinpoint
G.SKILL ripjaws 4GB 1600
corsair 750w atx12v
antec 902

My main problem is deciding on a processor, so far i have 3, all quad cores.

intel core 2 quad core 9550
intel i7 930
AMD phenom II x4

I know that if i go i7 i will have to get a better mobo and i was looking at AMD because it seems to be ridiculously cheap although i'm not sure what quality loss i might experience with that. Any tips on what to choose? overall i can get the builds to about the same price with the exception of the i7 which is about 200$ more. and if i go AMD i can get a 5870(not sure if i need it 5850 already does crysis on full).

if you have an suggestions regarding my question or pointers to help a nooby out they are much apreciated =D
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  1. Forget the Q9550.. If this is going to be a pure gaming rig, I'll recommend you get the Phenom II X4 955 and a good motherboard like the Asus Crosshair IV Formula.. The saved bucks can be spent on getting a better video card.. There is too much decision making involved in the mig range segment with the launch of the GTX 460 so its better you go a step higher and attempt for a HD 5870 or the GTX 480.. Oh BTW, even a 5870 will struggle with crysis at max settings..
  2. I agree with Emperus,if its a strictly gaming rig,then go with a Phenom II X4 CPU(955/965) HD 5850 is a good card and can handle crysis fine but what resolution do you play at ?
  3. the monitor i will be using is 1920 x 1080

    and a lot of people gave me the same response dipankar gave me. which is based off market popularity so i'am still sorta unsure.
  4. Forget the Q9550 and the PIIx4 955. The PIIx4 955 and Q9550 actually performs the same, and the Q9550 beats it in FarCry2 playback:

    If your budget is $1300, then you should get an i7 860 1156 socket, or an i7 930 1366 socket, or a PIIx6 AM3 socket.
  5. that sites really helpful that you for the link, does anyone know of any stability issues with the AMD PIIx6? just asking cause of the way most people i know are tilted toward intel.
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    Nope, AMD PIIx6 performs great. The entry model x6 rivals or beats the i7 920/930 and i7 860s in multi-core programs, and costs $70 less (of course, it still loses out in 4 core or less programs). The x6s are also great overclockers.
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    Hey maziar who deleted my comments.I didnot say anything bad i just said intel is better than AMd in gaming.

    Check your PMs, don't want to go off-topic here
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