ATI 5000 series crippled by ATI

(Note, for whatever reason, I can't copy/past from I typed the important parts)


ATI: No, but we will be fixing the tessellation performance real soon. You can count on a 3x increase in performance in the next Catalyst driver.

Tech ARP: How is that possible?

ATI: Simple. To reduce power and temperature, we turned off most of the tessellators in the Radeons. Why turn them all on when there are no games using tessellation? Remember - ATI loves polar bears. We will just fire them up in the next version of the Catalyst driver.

So there you have it; ATI nerfed their own cards when there was no compeitition. Nice marketing to try and save face though...

And yes, this is partly parody to the NVIDIA thread where everyone is going bonkers for NVIDIA doing the exact same thing. I can't wait to see how differently people react because this is ATI we're talking about...(nevermind that floating point performance is pointless for gaming, as has been pointed out for the past few months in regards to Fermi's floating point performance :D)
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  1. thats an april fool you fool :D
  2. On a side note: I really wonder how the 5770 in particular will run. I've long held the card was too weak for its price, but this may bump it from being too weak, to being a decent buy in my mind. At the very least, should give us some benchmark of how much Tesselation really effects the GPU in certain games...
  3. lol that article was an april fools joke
  4. Derbixrace said:
    thats an april fool you fool :D

    Wait, really?

    *looks at post date*

    DAMMIT! Thats what I get for not checking post dates the week following April 1st.

    Oh well, ATI cards still stink for their price then.
  5. Already been posted gamer, very amusing.
  6. maybe all cards stink for their price :S
  7. Haha, so quick to bash ATi, you forgot to check the date :lol:
  8. I am sure gamer knew fine well the date, he did post a quote where ati say they love polar bears. Seriously now.
  9. Even though it is fake, it was hilarious. It made my day.
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