Converting OLD G4 Power Supply to ATX

Hi, I'm just wondering if this is possible as I have a computer with only 200w or just took apart an old G4 Mac and found out that the power supply is 150 more W. I was looking to upgrade the computer with a better CPU and GPU. I've already upgraded the RAM and I was going to get a new power supply anyways.

Thought I could save some money if I use the old G4. Is this possible? What specs do I need to know for it to match up?

I've looked it up but it seems all I could find are people looking to replace G4 Power Supplies with ATX ones. Is it possible to do it the other way around? I don't know how specs of different power supplies work besides their wattage and I don't want to ruin a good computer! :)
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  1. I do not know if the G4 used a standard ATX PSU. If it did, you have no problem.

    First, you need to make sure that the main power and CPU power connectors on the G4 PSU will physically fit. Then you need to make sure that the pinouts for the main power and CPU power connectors are the same.

    Edit: A quick trip to google seems to indicate that the G4 used a PSU that met the electrical specs of ATX 2.2.
  2. So would I be able to? Would it be wise to? I heard that G4 Power Supplies were unreliable. I figured I could just convert the 22 pins to what was needed to match the board.
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    Don't risk it with a PSU. it could kill you, or worse, the PC
  4. Do as jsc suggests. Personally though I think you should just buy a PSU.
  5. Well, me too. But that wasn't what he asked. :)
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