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So I booted for the first time, and during the self-check it said no hard disk detected, so I reboot into the BIOS config, and it none of my SATA's are being detected except for my CD/DVD drive (although, I only have one harddrive, so that's not saying much). I'm positive I hooked up the SATA cables correctly, and I can't figure out what to do right now.
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  1. Please read your openning post ...

    Pretend like you are an experienced technician who wants to help solve ...

    Do you see enough info for anyone to provide useful advice ?

    Sorry to be so "prissy", but I'm just going to let you guess what we might need to know, in order to help you.

    Yay! ... It is a guessing game !

    = sorry =
  2. I think there is a bit of "general advice", in this doc, which might provide some insight, if not a solution. ... I am definately NOT throwing you this link, to be cute ...

    ... Think of it as a "life-ring", to keep you afloat until we get this boat turned around.

    = no sarcasm =
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