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Hi guys,
I'm trying to capture video with a leadtek dtv1000s tv card but the video is very jerky.
Even just playing a dvd is also jerky but not as bad as the captured video.
My Athlon 64 3000+ is running at between 50% & 70% while capturing.
Do i need a more powerful cpu?
Graphics card is a ATI X1650 if thats any help?

If anybody can help me sort this out it would be much appreciated.

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  1. Athlon 64 3000+, the single core @ 2.2GHz?

    Yes, your CPU is very outdated. Same goes for your video card. You should build yourself a new computer.

    A good AthlonII x4 build can run you around $400 or so.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Any suggestions what cpu, motherboard & video card would easily cope with capturing video on regular basis.
    I am currently using XP pro, can i keep that or should i upgrade?
  3. I would build a system with an intel i3. They are video editing machines of a pretty decent price. Frys sells em in store for $100 or so cpu mobo combo atleast once a month.

    If you want PM me and I can help you pick the parts, and will even be willing to build it for you. I sell PCs on Ebay so I can stay home with my disabled son.

    I do alot of video work, i3 works very nice.
  4. I'm not sure it's the cpu alone, one of the other components, capture card or gpu or hdd, is causing it. Could also be antivurus software being overprotective. I have an older P4 2.8GHz system with onboard Intel graphics and Haupagge pci card that captured video and audio just fine from vhs-c camorder tapes. Also plays dvd's fine.
  5. What is your budget for a new computer build?

    You can reuse XP as long as you have the original disc.
  6. A new computer will probably fix the problem, but the real question is: Why is DVD playback slow? Even an old slow athlon should be able to play a dvd, no?

    I would say there is something else going on, maybe a virus or driver or something.

    The bottom line is your h/ware should be fine. Something is definitely not working right.
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