What to do with old OS HDD?

Hi, i bought today some new parts to upgrade my computer, among them an SSD. i plan to use the SSD as my new OS Drive (i have purchased a copy of windows 7 to put on this drive as well) but i still want to use old OS drive (a western digital caviar black) for my games, music, media drive. It currently has all of those things on it at the moment.

Once i install the SSD and W7, can i simply plug in the old OS drive and have access to my games, music, etc? i want to delete the copy of windows vista off there. Will the old OS drive run at all? do I HAVE to delete win vista from it? If i delete win vista, does that delete all my files like music, videos, games, etc?

I'm backing all my important files to my second HDD just in case. I just thought i would check here on the forums before i attempt anything.
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  1. I had a similar situation and copied everything I wanted to save to a thumb drive
    (could burn them to a DVD if too large for thumb drive), formatted the old HDD and then copied the files back to the HDD.
  2. you do not HAVE to uninstall vista, you can set it up as a dual boot if you wanted. but when you install 7 make sure only the SSD is hooked up.

    you can then reconnect the other drives. you will be able to access files but programs MUST be reinstalled under 7. if you wont use vista anymore the best thing to do is back up files/music/saves to a second drive. wipe the vista one. then reinstall all your programs where you want and put the files back where you want.
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    Actually, it's better to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on the SSD. If you still want access to your files you can then plug in the old HDD (while your computer is turned off). Programs will need to be re-installed, but you can access files such as documents, mp3's, and others.

    In your BIOS make sure you change your SATA controllers to AHCI to get the benefits of using SSD performance.
    Also, make sure you leave only your SSD plugged in while installing and not anything else (like your old HDD).
  4. Sorry tom's never alerted me that i got responses to this. I installed 7 fresh on the SSD with nothing plugged in and put one of my drives in after installing drivers and shutting down. At first I thought i would have to format it but there was an option of giving the drive a name and when i did all the files popped up. Shut down, plugged my old vista HDD in and when i booted up windows had given it a name and i could access all my files.

    When i clicked on the steam application thing in the steam folder, i guess it reinstalled steam on the hard drive because i can play all my games just like I could before with all my save files normal.

    If i want to delete Vista, i guess i still back up my games and everything else like unksol said to do because deleting vista will delete it's program files?
  5. Yes, if you delete that vista partition and the rest of the data will be also gone. So it would be wise to backup any files and steam games.
  6. fantastik250 said:
    Yes, if you delete that vista partition and the rest of the data will be also gone. So it would be wise to backup any files and steam games.

    Ok, thanks, good thing everything is backed up. Thanks for the help.
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