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I have a bit of a problem involving my external hard drive. It has been dropped 3 times in one day due to younger children and unstable work area, i was wondering if it is possible to fix repair or replace cords that link the hard drive with the computer wtih out loosing any data on the disk?
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  1. Yes, but that may not be all you need. The cords themselves are not critical to the data on the disk. If the cords have flaws, you can fix them.

    However, one common result of dropping a hard drive is that the drive itself is damaged internally. So the cords may not be your only problem.

    One way to test this is, IF you consider yourself somewhat handy at fixing things, is to open up the external drive unit and remove the HDD inside, then mount it internally in your desktop machine. See if your computer can recognize it and access all its files OK. If it can, you know the HDD is all right, and any problems you might have are entirely in the external case - either its cables, or its own printed circuit board.
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