Rip Jaw and Rip Jaw X, R They the Same Height???

Are the new Rip Jaw X's the same height or less, compared to the Rip Jaws that have been out??

I have ripjaws in my case and I know that the memory in any of the 4 slots will fit underneath my 212+.

So if the ripjaws fit, I assume the ripjaw X's also, because I did side by side picture looking, and they look identical as far as height goes.

I can get either the rip jaws or the X's but I rather get the X's cause they are newer, and I will be able to getting a matching set in the future, and since the X's are newer they are more likely to be there on the shelf when I go to buy!
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  1. Can not find the dimensions but they look similar height!
    They say they are 40mm here
  2. yeah I took the two zoomed pictures from newegg, and when I measured it seemed like the RipJaws were bigger because they have the two spots where they go further up, while the RipJaw X's seem to only be as tall as the middle part of the original rip jaws.

    ^-----^ & ------------
    ______ ________

    I thought about it and 1600 CL 7, is a good nice set of memory. Thats what I have right now in a 2x2gb set of the orig rips.

    So to get this in a 8gb, I either spend 65$ and max at 8gb. or I spend 160$ on a 2x4gb and have the ability max at 16gb.

    The price difference is worth noting, but the chances of me spending another 160$ to max at 16gb, well it seems more logical to get the second set to match my current set.

    This would be more economical and would give me extra doe to get a second 5770SO for CFX.
  3. According to G.Skill tech support, Ripjaws and Ripjaws X are the same height: 40mm.

    The inner teeth of Ripjaws are shorter of course, but the outer teeth are 40mm.
  4. Oh well I decided to just get a second set of mu current 1600 cas7 2x2gb, and maxing out at 8gb.

    I was going to get the 1333 cas9 2x4gb, but i don't want anything lower than what I got!

    thanks for all the help! It might help someone later!
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