Lite-on DVD s not recognized in windows 7

My Windows 7, 32 bit system stopped recognizeing my 2 Lite-on DVDs, they are a SOHD-167T ATA, and a SOHW 1633S ATA. Both have been working fine for the last year. I tried downloading from various sites but all I get is a bunch of SPAM crap. I don't want a bunch of usless stuff, just a good driver. Please help me, I am a frustrated old man.
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  1. Try driver agent and see if you have any new drivers for your optical drives.
  2. DriverAgent indicated I had up-to-date Lite-On drivers.
  3. Is it possible to use SATA Drives?

    Are these IDE Drives? If they are on the same IDE cable, sometimes one goes bad and you can not see the either one. Also the cable could be loose.


    WARNING: The EIDE cables and ports are not hot plugable. You Must unplug the computer from the power to work on them! You have been warned!

    There are a couple of things which might have to be done.
    1. Move the cables around.
    2. Change the jumpers. (Master Slave).

    It depends how the drives are hooked up. If they are both on the same IDE cable nomally the longest cable is master and the shorter one is slave. Sometimes they are color coded like blue white & gray. Dont know what the colors mean.

    I really hate connecting two drives to the same IDE connector. If you use a dual cable the jumper on one drive should be master which is normally the default. Then one drive has to have the jumper set to Slave. Then their location on the cable has to be correct also. One way to test them is to use a single drive cable and connect only one drive at a time. You also have to set the jumper on the drive to master.

    Usually by this time it is time to load the gun or use a long line of explatives . . .

    I really love SATA optical drives just for this reason!

    DVD drives are only $25 dollars.

    Sometimes the problem is the drivers write things to the Windows registry and it needs to be deleted.
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