ATI + Nvidia in SLI/Crossfire

I have an ATI HD Radeon 5800 series card.
If i add a Nvidia 400 series card to it, will these 2 puppies play nice?

Ive been looking to get another graphics card for a grand total of 2. The 480 coming out looks pretty sexy. I might end up just getting another 5800 series....but itd be nice to know the option is there to run a mix of an ati and an nvidia card in crossfire/sli mode.
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  1. They wont play at all. You have two options running them independently for multiple monitors or use the GTX4xx as Physcx (way overkill)
  2. You can if you get a Lucid Hydra board. Though IIRC it doesn't scale all....
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    You can't mix SLI and Xfore but you certainly can add an Nvidia card as a dedicated PhysX card. However, the 400 series is way way overkill for a dedicated PhysX card.,8786.html

    To see the difference a $65 (GT220) investment can make, see the video here:,2465-11.html

    Twin 5800's in Xfire and a GTS 250 would rock your world
  4. Thats the manufacturer of the chips.

    You would want a motherboard that features those chips. The only one out is the MSI Big Bang which is a P55.
  5. So if i throw in a nvidia card it will only work as a physx card?
  6. As others said you can't use an ATI card with a Nvidia card on a single board unless its Lucid Hydra board(which currently doesn't scale well as either SLI or CF)
    So if you want to use an ATI card with a Nvidia card,the Nvidia card will be used as a PhysX card
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