Hard disk fault need help.

This is acer laptop model # ASPIRE5552 whose hard disk is faulty. Hard disk is a Seagate Momentus model # ST9250315AS which is faulty. I want to replace with 320gb or 500gb hard disk which can support my laptop. But should be compatible with my laptop.

Before I can buy I want some of expert to recommend which one should I buy :D
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    Need to find out what size drive your system supports of course, Acer says:
    160/250/320/500/640/750 GB or larger hard disk drive, so thats good.
    You will need to ensure you have the recovery disks for your Laptop prior to doing any work.

    If you are looking for a recommendation on Make/Model then everyone will have an opinion based on their success with certain drives, personally I like Seagate.

    Check out Newegg for latest deals on laptop drives and read the reviews.
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  3. I have already ordered and I found that seagate ST9500325AS hdd 500gb 2.5" its not SSD. Thank You for your atleast answering :D
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