OCZ Vertex 3 120GB took a fall!

Hey. Pretty embarrassing, lol, but I guess everyone makes mistakes. I dropped my SSD! It was a good 1-1 1/2 feet in the air and hit the ground on the ssd's corner not too hard it seems landed on the "grey side without the ocz branding". It was in it's original antistatic small plastic bag so am I good or am I freaking out?

edit: Before I get this, I'd plug it in to test it but I'm waiting for the rest of my new pc parts to arrive before installing/using it.
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    Iceycold said:
    so am I good or am I freaking out?

    You really won't know for sure until you build and boot your pc.

    There are no moving parts in SSDs so they are really tough pieces of equipment. :)
  2. Okay, enough to convince me, thanks. I saw this video so it made me feel better:
  3. Can't wait to use it though seems like it's going to be fast, and I got it on newegg shellshocker for $80.
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