Dont know what power supply to get help!!

i am getting a intel i7 920 or 930 going to be OC to about 4.0 GHz and i am also getting 2 ATI 5850s if any more info is needed please let me know all suggestions are welcome
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  1. I would go for corsair, seasonic, enermax, or pc power and cooling. 750-800 watts should be adequate. 650 might work but you're overclocking.
  2. Hello venom2;

    A high quality 650W-750W PSU with 4x 6pic PCI-e connectors is what you want to be looking at.
    Here is a good selection. That Corsair 750TX is looking very good.
  3. so 750 should easily take care of it for me? and looks like corsair would be best brand to pick up
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    Yes it will. Reviews on the Corsair 750TX @ Hardware Secrets and @ JonnyGuru
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