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Okay so I'm trying to pick out good memory for this motherboard right here : (Maybe a better choice at the same price range?)

Building a new computer. Its AMD, I'm getting the 1100T processor. The boards QLV page says it can handle Dual Channel PC3 16000 - DDR3 @1866mhz overclocked. It gives a varied list of brands and such. G SKILL, and A DATA are the two 1866mhz listed as definitely compatible brands.

Getting this new rig I don't want to settle for less than 8GB of memory. Problem is finding compatible memory at a reasonable price. I found a nice G Skill quadchannel pack for a decent price but its a 2N rating. From what I've read thats slower than some of the stuff thats out right now. So any suggestions?

DDR3 2000 8GB in the $200 range, preferably in the "CL#" rating. This is a build I'm getting in about a week and I want it to be something I don't have to remotely even think about changing or upgrading any time soon. (I know the Bulldozer AMD is due out at the end of the year, and I might upgrade board/memory for that when it comes)

I would go intel as I know its pretty fast, but I'm sort of under a tight budget, and as everyone knows AMD has the best price ratios for their CPU's/Boards.
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  1. 4 gb sticks by kingston and geil are listed on asrock's memory qvL. I don't recommend paying a premium for lower timing numbers, which are more efficient. My gskill is rated at 1600 with 9-9-9-24, and I'm happy with the performance. I would ignore the timings and go for 1600 ram rated at 1.5 volts, if the price is right. If you can get (4) 2 gb sticks for less, then go with them.
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