Cannot get internet connection with a router

I cannot get on the internet thru ANY router, but works fine thru the cable modem. I just want to connect my laptop and desktop to the internet. I do not care if my laptop is wireless? Can you help me?
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  1. What router are you trying to use? Do you get a link light for the "WAN" on the router when you plug it into the cable modem? Does your laptop or desktop have any special software installed on them like a PPPoE client? (probably not likely, but worth asking) When you log onto your router's web interface do you have the ability to run any troubleshooting utilities like "ping" or "traceroute"? If so try running a "ping" against and see if you get any responses. Give us some more details and we can probably help. "It's not working" isn't quite enough. :-)
  2. Most routers are designed to work "out of the box", without any changes. At most you might need to enable wireless security once things are working. So first thing I would do is a hardware reset, just to make sure things are back to factory defaults. It’s usually just a small, recessed button, probably on the back, you hold for about 30 seconds and release (while powered ON, of course).

    Now hook up your modem, router, and PC as follows:


    Now sometimes the MAC address that was previously bound to the modem when you had a direct connection gets LOCKED to the modem. Usually it’s temporary, on a rare occasion it’s intentional by the ISP to prevent unauthorized equipment. If it’s temporary, it may take several reboots of the modem, perhaps 20-30 mins in extreme cases. It just takes some time to “clear”. If it’s intentional, then you may need to clone (copy) the MAC address of your PC’s network card over to the router. Using the router’s administration interface (typically, but check your documentation to be sure), you can find this feature. You clone your PC’s MAC address into the appropriate field, save, and reboot the router. Now the modem will be fooled into thinking it’s connected to your PC rather than the new router.

    Now don’t get overly concerned about this last procedure until you’ve attempted the rebooting of the modem several times over the next 20-30 secs. In all likelihood that’s the problem. But if it persists, that could be the problem and cloning the MAC may be necessary.

    Of course, whenever you make these types of changes, always reboot ALL your devices; modem, router, and then the PCs. Just to make sure they all reinitialize themselves and accept the changes to the network.
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