Wiring Storm Scout fans

Hey folks, here is a noobish question from a semi-nervous noob trying not to mess up a computer build. ;)

I got a Cooler Master Storm Scout chasis and I'm trying to wire it. My question goes to the wiring of the chasis fans. The fans are connected with 3 x (4-pins) male molex connectors with 2 pins in each and one (4-pin) male molex with all 4 pins.

My goal is to connect these to my Corsair HX750W PSU.
Along with my PSU I have a wire that has 4 x (4 pins) female connectors.

Would it be allright to connect both the 2- and 4 pins male connectors from the fans to the single wire that has the 4 x (4 pins) female connectors?
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  1. yes, you can daisy chain them all together
  2. Yes - and you may also consider connecting the fans to the fan pin-header on the motherboard. If you connect the fans to the motherboard pin headers, you can monitor and control them via the BIOS settings.

    When connected directly to the PSU, the fans speeds will be constant (desirable in some cases).
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