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Initially I was hoping to buy a i7 950 and ASus SABERTOOTH mobo, but later, after many suggestions, I decided to go with i7 2600K and P8P67 Pro mobo from Asus.
But what I have heard from other people that the cold boot is problem and memory has a problem too. in order to overcome it, the bios has to be flashed to newer one. Some say that It is problem even to install even Windows with this problem. My question is , how do i update the Bios to newer one , if I cant install Windows 7 ? Is there any possibility to update the bios from bios itself ( by entering to it and clicking any update icon or something, since it supports EFI bios). IS there any other way? I heard that once the problem is solved, it is the best available there in budget. Please help- me out, guys
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    See page 3-30 of your manual. There is an "EZ-Flash 2" utility inside the BIOS.

    In addition, most BIOS downloads have an option to build them into a bootable floppy or flash thumb drive.
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