Correct SATA driver for XP on new SSD

New XP Build: I5-3570K, ASRock Z77 Pro3 1155, Samsung SSD 840 SATA3

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a slipstream XP install CD with the correct SATA driver for the SSD.
Have no intentions of any RAID setups.
Am using nLite with an XPSP2 CD to generate install CD.

Not sure what is, or where to find the correct SATA driver.

On the supplied CD with the ASRock board there is a driver directory:

So my questions are:

1) Am I looking in the right place on this ASRock CD?

2) I've seen reference to SATA drivers required for RAID setups.
** Are these the same drivers required simply to use the SSD with XP and you just don't setup any RAID array?

3) I'm assuming I will still need to change bios from AHCI setting to IDE for install. Do I simply change it back after OS install is complete?

4) If I have located the correct files listed below, which files get added to the nLite created CD??

Thanks for any help!

Files in the ASRock drivers directory as follows:


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  1. Question 2: Look here for the proper SATA RAID driver. You may have to contact ASRock for more details on the files in the\PREPARE directory. I searched but could not find anything about the asahxp_PRE.inf file.

    Question 3: Changing from IDE to ACHI after an install can cause problems and BSODs. It can be done with registry hacks but is not advised.

    You may want to check out this post in the Storage Forum:
  2. Thanks, I got lucky and it worked on the third try with the files at your ASRock link (after 2 tries with wrong files)

    For anyone else messing with SSD's and Windows XP these links below have very good guides to doing this using nLite

    How to Slipstream Drivers into a Windows Installation using nLite <--- Complete with screen shots make it very easy

    Drive config setting in Bios need to stay set on AHCI mode. The nLite program is a no brainer with the screen shot tutorial above.

    I'm now reading up on tweaking XP for SSD installations here:

    Also looking at info on TRIM and at Samsung SSD Magician. This was a clean XP install on a new SSD. Let's see how long it takes to foul up.

    I've loaded old versions of photoshop, illustrator, Corel 7 and Office 2003 so far and the thing is blazingly fast.

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