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I have a C2D E6400. It's rated at 2.13 ghz, but when i go into Control Panel and look at system it shows me that the cpu is actually running at 1.6ghz. I tried overclocking but i only got to 2.16 ghz at the most. Can someone please explain why my cpu is clocked so low, and also why it has such difficulty overclocking.

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  1. Why is my CPU not showing correct speeds? Did you check the speed while it's doing something CPU intensive like running a game?

    What motherboard do you have? Or what is the make & model of your PC?
  2. I've used CPU ID and i have it OC'ed to 2ghz now, and thats the most it shows. I have a gigabyte 945PL S3 mobo. Also temps are around 40 degrees celcius, so thats not an issue
  3. I just figured out why. I looked at a review of the mobo, and apparently C2D's like a 1066mhz fsb, whilst 945PL systems run on a 800mhz or 533mhz FSB. Know if i can do anything about it?
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    Your right - it's the 800FSB of the Gigabyte 945PL S3.
    Gigabyte GA-945PL-S3 945PL Express Motherboard Review
    " testing the GA-945PL-S3 motherboard with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor, running at 1.8GHz"
  5. Without changing motherboards I think you've done about everything you can.
  6. Thanks for your help anyway. I really think its time for me to get a new system...
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