Case power button to New motherboard wires. Need help.

I just bought a new motherboard, I am trying to set up the power button wiring and I know if I good on it I might damage the entire motherboard. I have 3 sets of wires Set 1) Red/White, Set 2) Blue/White, Set 3) Green/white. None of the wires or connectors have any kind of writing. Can Anyone help me identify them? I lost my manual for the old motherboard and I had disconnected everything from the old motherboard awhile ago, stupid I know but I was angry at the time because either the processor or old motherboard fired on me. Please someone help me.
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  1. Well the power switch is blue/white on mine. Should be the same, sorry I can't help you out more.
  2. Red/White = HDD LED
    Blue/White = Reset switch, sometimes power switch (in your case prolly is)
    Green/White = Power LED
  3. And on the LED's, the white wire goes to the negative terminal.
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