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I have a Dell inspiron 2500 that will not detect dvd's. I using the windows xp software and media player will not play or burn dvd's. I downloaded play it all media player, but that didn't work either. it will read cd's but not dvd's of any kind. Can someone please help....I'm loosing my mind over this. Thanks.
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  1. Has the computer ever detected DVDs or is this a new issue? Please go to and enter your service tag number. This will give you information about your original configuration.
    You can also try the following:
    Control Panel
    Hardware tab
    Device Manager
    Look under DVD/CD-ROM drives and look for DVD in the device name.

    An easier way is to look at the CD drive and see if it has DVD on it and if it supports DVD writing it will have something like DVD -R/+R or DVD Multi Recorder on it.
  2. thank you
  3. This is 2001 year laptop, just checked, it was shipped with CD drives at times, not DVD drives. Check in Device manager if you have DVD player not CD player.
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