HDD read speed for duplicator? (5 at a time)

Does anyone have some tips as to what kind of read speed im going to need to burn 5 dvds at once? I put the image file on a stand alone ssd that is reading about 210 mb/s but it still is giving image burn issues, 3 instances run fine but 2 are having to wait for buffer.

I then decided to copy the img to another ssd and split the load - the one running two seems fine, but the 3 off of the vortex 3 ssd still end up buffering out. How can the ssd not be reading fast enough? I can't be maxing out the sata2 interface either, confused?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. More likely software limitation than hardware, but can't be sure............
  3. Using IMGburn currently, so I'm able to launch multi-instances. Its weird, even if I split the burners by 3 hard drives, they still buffer down using any more than 3. There should be enough bandwidth in sata2 to handle this, I don't get it.
  4. Hello,

    What is the current complete hardware and specifications you are currently using for this setup? It might help in discovering the clues to your issue.

    1) Have you tried using more than 1 program to do what your doing?

    2) What does your Task Manager show under processes while trying the burn (esp CPU )?

    3) Im assuming this is in Windows 7 64bit?
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